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Our Political Goals

To debate political objectives, views, and goals is the most American thing conceivable - Lou Reed

Reduce Poverty, Increase Development

I will be committed to reduce poverty in Texas through policies and supporting economic security

Quality Healthcare

I will work to implement and improve healthcare reform (including on Obama care) so that the world's

Immigration issues

I will work on issues touching immigrants and come up with better refugee resettlement plan

Empowering women

Empowering female gender will be my first priority. My main focus in women will be economic

Defending minorities' rights

I will advocate for promotion and protection of minority rights. This protection will not be limited

Reduce gun violence

I will propose sensible gun laws to reduce access of harmful weapons. I will also advocate for

Household disparity

I will invest heavily in education as a strategy to reduce income disparity. I will also campaign

Social Justice

I will work hard to ensure democratic rights such as voting are respected. I understand Texas

ME and YOU, Let's make Texas BLUE

Know Your Candidate

Dinesh Sharma

Dinesh Sharma is a dedicated social worker who has served the DFW community for over fifteen years. A software architect by profession, he has achieved tremendous success in the field. As a true Democrat, he is a founding member of the Himalayan Democratic Club and has helped a number of local Democratic politicians. He played a crucial role in the Democratic presidential campaign of Joe Biden in the community.
Dinesh is a dedicated husband and father who believes in the power of moral values passed down from generation to generation to serve the community.

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